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Returns & Exchanges

Your best insurance against returns are the volume calculator and your previous surfing history.

Your previous surfing history can help by considering two questions:

1) Are you getting into waves really easy on your current shortboard but feeling it draw too wide of turns and speed past buttery sections too fast?

Try voluming your new shortboard down .5 liters so that it knifes into wave faces better. (Another option – if you’re riding a groveler like the Seaside, Baked Potato, keep your same volume and try a shortboard like the Gamma, FRK or Cymatic because they’re less focused on wave catching and more focused on ripping.)

2) Are you ripping the bag out of great waves on your shortboard but struggling to catch the weak and gutless ones?

Try voluming up your shortboard .5 liters to catch waves easier. (Another option – if you’re riding a shortboard like the Gamma, FRK or Cymatic, try keeping your same volume and ordering a Seaside, Baked Potato or other groveler because they’re less focused on ripping and more focused on wave catching).

Between the volume calculator and your understanding of what volumes you like in your current boards, you can eliminate 99% of the possibility you’ll want to return your board, and that’s good, because until we re-open for full business in a post-Coronavirus world (and by we, we mean the whole world, all of us) we’re not currently offering returns.

However in the 1% likelihood you think something is wrong with your board’s ability to perform due to some kind of defect (before you wax it or surf it) please:

Send an email:

  • Include your full name and address
  • Your phone number.

Proof of purchase as well as order number.