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Slater Designs 5 Piece Action Pad

Sale price£42.00 GBP


Kelly's pad of choice (and named after his dog).

The Slater Designs 5 Piece Action Pad is Kelly’s favorite arch, with functional design from Kelly directly. He chopped a ‘ V ‘ into the tail kick to prevent your leash from catching and slit the arch. The arch support is just as wide as on our 3 and 5 piece Slater Designs pads but lower on this one. The square grooved edges on either side of the parallel slits give you a ‘hooked in’ feeling that other arch supports won’t, and the Action Pad also gives you options: a longer pad or a shorter pad, depending on how you chose to space the the side pieces from each other.

This traction pad provides the necessary grip to push hard through hacks and increase speed and drive through every turn with cutouts that create a closer connection to the board, giving you complete control.